by Carter Family Marionettes
Presented in May of 2006

Henry Fielding, author of "Tom Jones" penned this fairytale-satire under the psuedonymn, H. Scriblerus Secundus. Tom Thumb was adapted into a light opera and staged by the 18th century marionette theaters of Dublin inserting tunes by the Celtic Harpist O'Carollan, folk ballads and songs by Dr. Arne. The Carter Family joined forces with great folk fiddler, Ruthie Dornfeld; outstanding harpsichordist, Jillon Stoppels Dupree; woodwinds whiz, Mark Roberts; sopranos, Anne-Carolyn Bird and Janet Rayor; tenor, Howard Fankhauser; and bass, David Stutz. A lively fusion of marionettes, folk music and baroque opera.

Directors: Christine and Stephen Carter
Music Director: Ruthie Dornfeld
Puppeteers: Christine, Dmitri and Stephen Carter

Soprano: Anne-Carolyn Bird
Soprano: Janet Rayor
Tenor: Howard Fankhauser
Bass: David Stutz
Violinist: Ruthie Dornfeld
Harpsichordist: Jillon Stoppels Dupree
Woodwinds: Mark Roberts

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