by Paul Mesner Puppets
Nov. 3-18, 2012

This is a veggie wonderful story of two gardeners, Okra and Romaine, who have a beautiful daughter named Rapunzel. But not all is well, Romaine had promised his first-born child to an evil witch! Rapunzel is locked up in a tower and her future looks bleak until the Prince Arrives. Rapunzel hatches a plan to escape her evil captor and , as with most fairy tales, they all leaf happily ever alfalfa!

Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm & 3pm

$10.50 adult

$8.50 child (up to 16)

$9.00 Senior (65+)

Box office opens 30 minutes before each show. Advance tickets available by phone or online. 1(800)838-3006 brownpapertickets.com

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