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    Stephen Carter and marionette from "The Love of Three Oranges" by Carter Family Marionettes
    Stephen Carter and puppet

    Mission statement:
    • create professional puppet theater by Carter Family Marionettes,
    • present top quality puppet theater from around the world,
    • teach puppetry skills and cultural knowledge to a new generation,
    • serve children and adults by providing entertainment and education,
    • preserve and promote international traditions of puppetry.

    The Carters have been professional puppeteers since 1976. They trained with master puppeteers of Romania, Sicily, and China. Stephen Carter received the Fulbright Award for puppetry studies in 1984 and holds a postgraduate degree from the Institute of Theater and Cinema in Bucharest. The Carter Family Marionettes have been featured performers at National and World Puppet Festivals from Scotland to Uzbekistan. They have presented their plays in five different languages and have also been invited as guest director/designers internationally. The company has been awarded the "UNIMA/USA Citation of Excellence" (the highest award in American puppet theater) for three of their productions. Chris and Stephen Carter were the Directors of the 1999 Puppeteers of America Festival of the Millennium held at the University of Washington August 1999. The Carters are especially known for their mastery and preservation of the traditional Sicilian marionette theater known as Opera dei Pupi.

    Chris and Stephen Carter founded the Northwest Puppet Center in 1986. In 1993 they purchased and renovated a charming church in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle. The center presents a family season of puppetry by the Carters and selected guest artists with over 250 performances each year. The Northwest Puppet Center provides a valuable resource and fascinating entertainment for children and families.

    entrance of the Northwest Puppet Center